Jean-Marie Massaud

Since the beginning of his career, Jean-Marie Massaud has been working on an extensive range of works, stretching from architecture to objects, from one-off projects to serial ones, from macro environment down to micro contexts. Major brands such as Axor, Cassina, Poliform, Toyota have solicited his ability to mix comfort and elegance, zeitgeist and heritage, generosity and distinction. His creations have received several awards, and many of his designs are now displayed in the design collections of the world’s leading museums: from Amsterdam to Chicago, London, Paris and Zurich. For Daum, Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the Kumara vase. Beyond the purity of the lines, the depth of the crystal invites us to decipher the cabalistic signs inscribed in the material. The Kumara is a powerful piece, a crystal block animated by an intense interior life, with an enigmatic character.


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