A world-renowned French artist, Cyril Phan aka Kongo has been one of the major representatives of the graffiti scene for nearly thirty years. Born in 1969, he grew up between Saigon, the Republic of the Congo and France, gathering many inspirations. He quickly became fascinated by Street Art and chose graffiti as his favorite means of expression. His work shows multicultural influences and delivers a message of peace, love, light and abundance. His encounter with Daum opened a whole new territory of expression with the use of crystal. This reveals explosive colours that characterizes his works. For Daum, Kongo crystallised an iconic object of his universe: the spray-paint can. He has created “With love”, three spray-paint cans made of “pate de cristal”, with an 18-carat golden spray tip carrying his fingerprint. Every piece is unique and bespoked one by one by the artist.


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