Our E-services

Step 1:

Make an appointment with your favorite shop in Paris ou Nancy by phone

Paris/Rue royale +33140069108

Paris/Rue Paix : +33142612525

Nancy/Place Stanisalas :+33383322165

Step 2:

On D-Day let yourself be guided by our experts: by phone or facetime. We will help you choose the best according to your desires

Step 3: Regulation

Daum offers you two possibilities of payment either by phone remotely with our experts who will send you the confirmation and proof of payment immediately by email or we will send you a secure link to pay your order

Step 4: Collect or Delivery

Daum offers you two options, either a pickup of your order at the shop of your choice with appointment or delivery by courier only in Paris within 24h to 48h

Order online, pick up in store

Simple & free, opt for our new ” Click&Collect” service

  • Order your piece online
  • Choose your nearest store
  • Make an appointment online
  • Pick up your order within the day * (if all the pieces are available in store)


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