In honour of the 140-year anniversary of the Maison Daum, the creation workshop wanted to draw inspiration from the influences of the past to reinterpret the Art Déco style of the 30s, with a new collection: “Empreinte”. From glass to crystal to floral inspirations, Daum honours its heritage through the “pâte de cristal” and the lost wax techniques. The orientation of this collection came naturally, following a reinterpretation of the iconic mushroom lamp “Resonance”, inspired by the Art Nouveau period. The Nancy workshop wanted to pay tribute to the second strongest movement of the French Decorative Arts, in which Daum has played an essential role. Three vases and two candleholders are featured in this collection that echoes the history and rich heritage of Daum. A large green emerald gilded vase takes light and becomes the major piece of the collection. The buttercups and plants sculpted in the material by the modelling workshop are transformed into a modern work of art, while embodying a traditional craft. Two vases in deep blue or emerald green open a new path with the palette of colours created by the artisans of the Nancy Manufacturer.
For this anniversary, the Daum Manufacturer embodies the history of the French decorative arts by creating a collection with aesthetic codes of the Art Déco in a contemporary spirit.


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