Darling by Sylvie Mangaud

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Limited Edition of 375 pieces

Sylvie Mangaud born in Paris in 1961 is a French artist whose nudes and animals are her preferred fields of expression. After her studies in graphology and morphology, she quickly became passionate about the image and expression of the body. Her creations are light and full of fineness, capturing their elegance and natural movement. Her sculptures in Daum crystal are delicate and sensual as her new art work “Darling”, full of grace and sensuality.

The Maison Daum honours the theme of women once again with Darling. This work of art emanates a great elegance with her slender silhouette and subtle shades of green, amber and grey.

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Weight 5,8 kg
Dimensions 78,5 × 12,5 × 23 cm

Sylvie Mangaud


Sculptures, Sculptures Féminine


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