Georges Saulterre

Georges Saulterre is a French artist and sculptor born in 1943. His works touch us by their poetry, impress us by their excessive size, and surprise us by their power and lightness. The artist moulds, controls and is an expert of materials; he uses sandstone like plaster, glass like metal, hollow shapes as full form shapes, figurative as abstract forms. After Argos, edited by Daum in 2015 and is today sold out, Saulterre presents the Panoptès. In Greek mythology, the 100-eyed giant Argos received the name “Panoplies”, meaning “all-seeing” in Greek, depicted here by this double-faced statue. Saulterre is inspired by the peacock, a recurring image of Art Nouveau, but also honours the figurative art, which has contributed to Daum’s success since its creation. Panoptes is a
unique piece with its double sides, a technical exploit revealing the master glassmakers of Nancy’s talent.


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