Gérald Vatrin

Born in 1971 in Nancy the historic cradle of glasswork and crystal making, Gérald Vatrin is considered one of the best European master artisans dedicated to glass sculpture and glassblowing. A graduate from the Beaux Arts National School of Fine Arts in Epinal, France, Gérald Vatrin went on to pursue training in glass arts and techniques, with a specialization in freehand glassblowing. The particularity, complexity of glass, and its mysterious transformation from liquid to solid are what fascinates Gérald Vatrin. The works of the artist are made with hand blown and hand-shaped glass, then magnified with engravings, enamelling, and added elements such as leather, or cuttings through glass. Gérald Vatrin’s sculptures draw great inspiration from the artist’s personal journey. Each masterpiece reflects his world travels, his encounter with different cultures, and his passion for the material. Today, his works can be found in exhibitions and prestigious permanent collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Dutch National Glass Muse


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