Kriki, born in 1965, lives and works in Paris. In 1984, Kriki founded a group of painters called Nuklé-Art. With the street and the underground as his art school, he was involved in the beginnings of what is now known as ‘‘Street Art’’. Kriki clearly belongs to the generation whose sensibility expresses itself in Free Figurative Art, which he helps to renew. In 1985, Kriki invented a character, “Fuzz”, a half-robot, half-fetish, polymorphous, omnipresent piece, and a true signature of the artist. Its emblematic head would sit on the shoulders of the Daumot 163 robot. Kriki describes: ‘‘I have always been amazed, moved even, by the sophisticated manual work and the French know-how, which radiates throughout the world. At the Daum crystal manufacturer, I reconnected somehow with passion to the arts and-craft, in which I find myself”.


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