Kyriakos Kaziras

Kyriakos Kaziras is a professional photographer of Franco-Greek origin, living in France. From an early age, he developed a passion for photography and painting thanks to the influence of his two grandfathers. During his first trip to southern Africa, he fell in love with the wilderness, the light and the animals. Highly influenced by painting, Kyriakos Kaziras has a pictorial approach to photography; the cameras act as his paintbrushes. The Maison Daum proposes a unique interpretation of a photo of the artist, and reveals a magnificent crystal sculpture of two polar bears emerging from the ice. The crystal reveals the luminous beauty and bluish tones of the sea ice, and transcribes the work of light dear to the artist. Through this dialogue between the photography of Kyriakos Kaziras and the renowned crystal manufacturer, Daum raises awareness of the importance of protecting our fragile nature.


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