Yann Masseyeff

Born in Dakar, Yann Masseyeff draws inspiration from a wide range of cultural influences. As a young man, he was introduced to drawing and soon turned to ceramics. Through an encounter with artist Pascal Lacroix, he learned how to throw porcelain and master complex techniques such as reduction, celadon and copper red. But what Yann Masseyeff cherishes most is the emotion he gets from the materials and textures. Recollections of ancestral and tribal forms inhabit him and trigger his gestures. He shapes the clay based on intuition, creating an almost primal dialogue with his sculptures by letting his creative energy resonate through them. In April 2022, Yann Masseyeff leads a cultural project in Paris, with a monumental installation at Place Vendome. Echoing this installation, the artist and Daum initiate a collaboration and give birth to a new artwork Evolution, an allegory on time and the uniqueness of each individual’s life.


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