Maternity by Jon DeCelles

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Limited edition of 375 pieces

Jon DeCelles started to sculpt on little stones with a simple steak knife. With a great passion of this art of sculpting visages, the artist decided to take sculpture courses. He received recognition of experts and was rewarded several times for his works. Over the course of twenty years, Decelles’ realistic figures evolved into abstract ones. The artist is not only capable of sculpting monumental pieces weighing over 600 kgs, but also miniature pieces of 2 cm. Maternity, in Daum crystal, was inspired by the birth of his sons, and the softness and comfort that a mother’s arms give to a child. With their eyes closed, they have frozen this moment for eternity. This crystal sculpture in a soft pink shade is full of tenderness and sensuality, and they invite us to the sense of touch, appeasement and contemplation.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 13,5 cm

Sculptures, Sculptures Féminine


Jon Decelles




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