Green Vase Jardin de Cactus by Emilio Robba

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Numbered Edition

Designer : Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba is one of the most recognized Floral Art designers in the world. Born into a family of artists, he quickly became captivated by the artistic world. He first chose to express himself through painting, studying the language of forms and colours at the Beaux-Arts. He then turned very quickly to floral art, guided by his fascination with nature.

A creator of many floral collections for Daum and inspired by the nature and trends of interior design, Emilio Robba has created for Daum an extraordinary cactus garden where the delicacy of the crystal contrasts with the toughness of the cactus. Intense colours and refined details capture the beauty of nature and reveal the know-how of the Daum craftsmanship.

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Weight 11,5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 41 cm

Emilio Robba







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