Vent Leger by Luo Li Rong

10 300

Limited Edition of 125 pieces

The draperies and the look, movements incredibly alive, as if they had just been seized in the moment, are for Luo Li Rong a door ajar on the dimension of eternity present in the Human.

“Working with Daum is a unique adventure. The sensuality of the crystal, the soft reflections, the transparency… many artistic and technical challenges made possible by a century-old know-how. What a beautiful surprise to contemplate the spirit of the model through the vibration of the colours and the flickering of light. Daum has a long and beautiful history to which I am very happy and honoured to be associated with.” Luo Li Rong

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Weight 8,2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 47 × 28 cm

Luo Li Rong


Sculptures, Sculptures Féminine


Amber, Yellow


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