Cogito by Isabelle Carabantes

36 600

Limited Edition of 50 pieces

This impressive sculpture, placed on a magnificent base in patinated bronze, required more than 400 hours of realization by the master craftsmen of the Daum crystal manufacturer. The creation in crystal paste is a real technical feat. This noble and fragile material perfectly mastered by the crystal manufacturer, sublimates this work of art, and brings a new dimension of colour and light.

H: 22” L: 12.8” W: 12.8” 75 lbs

Base in patinated bronze

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The meeting between Isabelle Carabantes and the Daum crystal manufacturer was based on two passions: sculpture and animals. The extraordinary beauty of nature and the animal world is the link between Daum and the artist and gives birth to a sublime version of the great ape of Isabelle Carabantes – The Cogito.

Some of the artist’s works echo the reading of scientific or philosophical works that shed new light on the animal world. They confirm that animals are endowed with a palette of feelings and an intelligence in the image of humans. This is the case for the Cogito, which is not that of Descartes, but which was born from the reading of a book relating to the work on metacognition: the study of awareness of one’s own learning or thinking process, carried out on the great apes.

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 32,5 × 32,5 × 56 cm

Isabelle Carabantes




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